Retreat Testimonials


Costa Rica 2013

Pura Vida! The perfect way of putting it. This was my first yoga retreat experience and it was very delightful. This retreat was very organized and offered daily (hot) yoga classes in an amazing studio that offered you a picturesque view of the city and mountains. 

I was skeptical about the food upon arrival but it was absolutely delicious. The therapies, excursions, friendly staff and
yoga with Anayra made this experience memorable. 

Thank you Anayra. I came back feeling wonderful. I wish you lots of luck in your future endeavors. Well deserved.
- Sol Mejias

Anayra was the perfect hostess to an incredible retreat.  As a beginner, I felt the extra attention and patience.  She is an intense as well as passionate instructor who cares deeply for all of her students.   The trip was pleasantly more than I expected and extremely well-organized.   People I met will remain life long friends.
- Carol Gelsomino

Anayra, I wanted to let you know that Katie and I had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting to know you and everyone else who attended. Everything about Pura Vida was perfect and it far exceeded any and all expectations. The yoga kicked my butt, but that was the purpose! Your classes were amazing and I really enjoyed them and the variety you offered.  I would definitely do another retreat with you again and want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job! I realize how much work you put into it and it showed. You are such a delight! 
- Gayle and Katie Newton

Teacher Training Testimonials

Yoga in the World steps above and beyond the duties and requirements of a yoga school.  Rather than just presenting vast quantities of information, Anayra and Victoria find ways to help each student truly internalize the concepts of yoga.  They were available day and night to clarify any topics that I didn't understand, and they made sure that by the time the training process was over, I could easily and comfortably teach a full spectrum class to a room of 75 students.  These ladies were born to teach.  They understand the value of presenting information in an accessible way, encouraging the exploration of different types of yoga, assigning relevant homework, building student confidence, understanding the physical as well as the spiritual side of yoga, and transforming students into teachers.  Overall, Yoga in the World exceeded my expectations for the yoga teacher training experience, and I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a top-notch program.
- Masumi Goldman, Spring 2013 Graduate
After about a year of dedicated yoga practice, I signed up for the Yoga in the World 200 hr Teacher Training to gain a deeper understanding of the practice that I had grown to love and need as a daily part of my life. What I got from the teacher training experience was way more than I could have ever imagined. Aside from a deeper understanding and grasp on my physical practice, the Yoga in the World Teacher Training Program offers a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of yoga, as well as the mythical and spiritual elements of yoga. 

As teachers Anayra and Victoria encourage their students to explore all styles and genres of the yoga world in the effort to cultivate a practice and style that best resonates with them and the type of teacher they want to become. 
The best part of this informative and complete training is the emphasis on having each teacher trainee become fluent and comfortable in the language of teaching yoga. The emphasis and importance placed on practicum hours ensures that as a student you can walk away from this teacher training program and can confidently teach a well thought out, properly cued, safe and fluid yoga class. 

With Anayra and Victoria's dedicated guidance I have deepened my knowledge of yoga, I have expanded my curiosity of yoga, and have I seen how rewarding and uplifting it can be to share your practice and teach others.
- Marina de Lima, Fall 2013 Graduate

The top priority of my yoga teacher training was to make it convenient to my schedule as teacher training is demanding and time-consuming and I recognized that. One of the main reasons why I chose Yoga in the World for my training was because it fulfilled that need. What I did not realize was that this training would also fulfill my emotional and spiritual needs, as well. I was intuitively drawn to instructors Anayra Calderon and Victoria Arvizu because of their wisdom and stimulating teaching styles. The Yoga in the World teacher training was all-encompassing and unbiased to trends, practices, beliefs, and styles. We were taught tradition, fundamentals, and an expansive practice.

We were encouraged to cultivate our teaching skills anatomically, spiritually, and methodically. Yoga in the World made teaching feel practical and therefore, rewarding. I have built confidence in my practice and teaching, along with my classmates, through constant practicum. But, most importantly, the relationships I continue to develop with my instructors and fellow classmates make this training momentous in my life and will forever shape my yoga and life journey. While I will be a forever yoga student, I am now a forever educated yoga student, all thanks to Yoga in the World.
- Amanda Amos, Fall 2013 Graduate
After taking Anayra's classes at Surya for two years and joining her YITW retreats to Costa Rica and Tulum, I realized that if I ever wanted to take a TT it would have to be with her. As soon as she announced that she would be doing a TT training program side by side with Victoria, I knew this was my calling and signed up immediately. The amount of knowledge that both ladies have on their own is quite impressive, so when they teamed up and created their yoga in the world series and the way they presented it to us, was mind blowing. Anayra and Victoria are both driven, hard workers, dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, and loving souls, this shows in their training. They made us feel at home, which made the experience unique and easy going. 
- Uzziel C Arias, Fall 2013 Graduate

Class Testimonials

I have taken classes with Anayra for over ten years. She is an amazing teacher. Her classes are always challenging and fun. Her expertise and passion for yoga is evident by the popularity of her classes. Anayra has a great playlist. You are guaranteed to work up a sweat and leave class feeling focused and refreshed.
- Maria Galgas

I take classes at Surya Yoga and there are a lot of wonderful teachers at the studio, but Anayra Calderon is my favorite!  Her classes set the environment perfectly for me to have an active meditation.  Anayra's calm, but consistently helpful voice allows me to clear my mind of outside distractions and concentrate on "being there."  She also has the best selection of music of any instructor - a wonderful mixture of hits, oldies, and new discoveries.
- David Mattingly 

I have been a student of Anayra for almost 5 yrs. Her classes are always new and exciting. She often caters to students' requests, and throws in new poses on a fly. Her sequencing is energetic, safe, and with a emphasis on proper alignment . I am constantly challenged but at the same time having fun.  I also have taken the detox workshops with Victoria and Anayra and found they are a great match. You end up pushing your body in ways you wouldn't normally, but you also learn why you are doing these poses. They educate you and teach you what role each asana plays, including teaching you about proper nutrition in your detox.  Victoria and Anayra believe in their organization and in the people they teach. It shows in their work, and in the students who love them.
- Natalie Campbell