I opened up my blog to finally write some words, and ironically the last blog I wrote was five weeks post my first surgery. Back then I thought I was “starting over.” Ha Ha, joke on me, as I am starting over again now, 9 weeks after my SECOND surgery!

2018 was a year where I just went through the motions. I got a lot accomplished, I ran three teacher trainings, two of them being international trainings ( a goal that I had), I led several retreats, and I still felt like I was going through the motions. The idea that I would be more active, or more interactive once my ankle was healed kept me in a state of limbo. I used the excuse of when my ankle is better, I can practice more, or create more content, or devote more time to the tedious managerial work of running my own business. I used my injury as an excuse. My ankle never felt the same, and actually never healed, so I kept pushing those things back, to a time when I would be better. The time never came.

In the first week of October of 2018 I was hit with the hard news that a second surgery would have to happen. It was like a slap in the face. I never fully started living again after the first surgery, and now I had to wrap my head around going through the process all over again. I found out on a Wednesday and I was getting on a plane to Barcelona on that Sunday for two weeks. I had 4 days to prep for two months of post surgery rehab, get my classes covered, and figure out what I would do with little to no income in the foreseeable future. Mind fu** to say the least. But nevertheless, I got it all together and had my surgery on November 14th. I told myself I’d take the time for self study, working on my blog, planning our trips, and sharing my experiences… Well. 9 weeks later, I haven’t done much of that.

So today, I picked up my laptop and here I am. I have projects in the works, and I’ve finally cut the excuse that I’ll do it when my ankle is better. I’ll do it today, regardless of how my ankle is. So, here I am, starting again. Not feeling ashamed that the word AGAIN has to be added to the statement. It’s never too late to start over, or to pick up where you left off.