How often are you letting moments pass you by, by not being present?  Have you ever stopped to wonder how you are stealing precious time from yourself? If you can pinpoint how you are not being present, you can take action to be more present and that is the first step in being right here, right now.  This past week I got a dose of what not being present looked like in my life.

So a little over a month ago this beautiful man asked me to travel with him, and I said yes (that's an entirely different story which you're not going to get here).  When the time came that we were together traveling I got a reality check of ways that I do not live in the present moment.  I found that my familiar feeling of wanting to jump out of bed the second my eyes fluttered in the morning was me not being present. On our first morning together I found myself wanting to fly out of bed, as if I had a million things to do, I did not.  I had all of the time in the world, plus a beautiful man next to me still sleeping, but I was ready to get up and do god knows what.  You know what I did? I got up and showered, chatted with my best friend online (from the bathroom! wtf?!), and then after maybe 40 minutes, crawled back into bed, not knowing what else to do with myself.  What the heck was wrong with me? Rather than live in the moment, I was letting the moment pass me by.  When would I ever be back in that place  and time (and boy was it a nice place) with that person?  NEVER.  I then took a step back and made a conscious decision to be more present.  I tried very hard not to be plugged in to my phone.  I posted less on social media, and I really took the time out to eat ALL of the food, enjoyed ALL of the drinks, and enjoyed ALL of the moments I had in the presence of my travel companion.  I didn't even take ONE picture with him in nine days! Sounds like an easy task right?  Nope, it was not.  Not because I didn't want it to be, but because I was so used to not being in the moment that being in the moment took work.  Can you believe that?! After a few days, it did become easier to sleep in, not care so much about the alarm, and toward the end of our trip, not even leave the hotel.  I even missed the one important alarm we did set because we had to be at the airport!  I shocked even myself on that one.  I used to be able to count on my hands the number of times I have overslept and missed an alarm. By the end of our time together I could not care less about the alarm, or having to go somewhere and see some thing, or do some thing.  It was extremely liberating.  I can no longer count on my hands the number of times I slept in since I added to it.  Thank you beautiful man, for giving me the gift of me being present for myself, in turn me being more present for the world, even if you did not know your contribution.  

I invite any of you that read this, to take a moment and see where you might not be being present in your life, then make a conscious effort to change it.  It will be work, but I promise, it will be worth it.