This my friends, is my invitation to you to love, love big, love all, and when you find it hard to love, understand just how much more important it is for you to do so. 

I was faced with a very difficult text from a life long friend last Wednesday.  So as not to ruin the reader's perspective I'll let you read the text and form your own opinion.  Disclaimer: it may make you angry, sad, shocked, defeated, or you may not care at all... I suppose Imshould also add that my friend is a white American, and he husband is a black Trinidadian man, and they have a beautiful mixed teenage daughter.

When she sent me the message I responded, and then remembered a journal I had written a year or two prior, that had a lot of my same sentiments. I dug through my journals, took a picture and sent her that as well.  The responsibility we have to uplift others and show and give love was never clearer to me than last Wednesday, just a few hours after our country chose a new president, my dear friend, in New Jersey, felt the very real aspect of what not showing and giving love leads to.

I leave you with my thoughts, her message, and my response to her, and hope that the message you all get from me is the very same that Marianne Williamson wrote.

Marianne Williamson said "The way of the miracle worker is to see all human behavior as one of two things, either love, or a call for love."  I heard this quote and it immediately resonated with me.  The way I connected to the quote was with how I viewed my response to people.  It is hard for us not to flip out when someone behaves in a way that we "think" is unbecoming, for whatever reason it may be.  We get mad, obsess, talk about it, or even try to hide it, yet deep down we let things eat up our mind space.  Instead of allowing other people to occupy the real estate of our mind we should focus on Williamson's message.  If we don't perceive a person's actions as love, then let's look at them as a call for love.   We need to remember that we don't know what anyone is going through, but if what bothers us can be looked at from a different perspective, we can let things go a lot easier. May we all be able to practice the art of seeing actions as love or calls for love to soften our set perceptions. image