Today is Thanksgiving, when I opened my FB account I was so happy because almost every status I read today was about being thankful. Everyone I know took the time out of their day to make sure they got online and publicly thanked those that they felt they needed to thank.  While It was amazing that for probably one of the few times ever all of the statuses I read were happy and spewing with love, it also made me kind of sad.  Why can't people do this every day?  We should not wait for holidays and birthdays or for bad things to happen for us to take the time to truly relish the good things in life, or accept the bad things as bringing good.  We should make an honest attempt to do this each and every single day.  Today I resolve to start a gratitude per day reminder for myself that I am grateful for all of the amazing things that this life has to offer.  One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love started something called the Happiness Jar.  She took a simple mason jar and every day she wrote something she was happy about, on days that happiness seemed distant, she took a few pieces of paper out and read about what made her happy. I will do the same with and make it my gratitude happiness jar. I invite you to join me in the process and maybe make your life a little lighter.

Today I want to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to every single person that helped out with our Bend to Mend event this year.  With everyones generosity, help, and support we were able to feed twenty families this year.  What started out as a small five family endeavor has grown into a beautiful movement of people making donations, volunteering time, and being just awesome!  I am so thankful that my small idea has grown and has provided an outlet for others to help those in need.  Many people that didn't know what Bend to Mend did have asked how they can help.  Here are a few ways to get involved: 

1.  Tell people about what we do, all donations, no matter the size, are extremely helpful to those families that don't have enough for the holidays.  Our website is

2.  If you know of families in need. please let us know.  While we cannot help everyone, we always do what we can to spread awareness and if we can't help, we can maybe refer them to someone that can help.

3.  If you have the kind of job that brings you into contact with a lot of people, you can conduct a food/clothes/or toiletries drive in your office space and donate all things collected to Bend to Mend.  We re always in need of toiletries, non-perishable goods, and clothes.

These are just a few ways that you can help. We can also use extra pairs of hands when we are putting together baskets, sometimes we need help picking up donations, there are always so many things that can be done.  A lesson I have learned in life is to always pay it forward whenever I can.  I invite you all to do the same.  Be thankful and helpful everyday not just one day out of the year.