Q.  When should I arrive in Bali?  

The retreat formally starts on March 1st.  We will not have a yoga class on the day of arrival, but we will have a meet and greet at dinner time. Please note that most flights take at least 24 hours to get to Bali so you will have to give yourself at least one full day to travel so plan accordingly.

Q.  When should I schedule my flight back home?  

If you are staying for the 7 night retreat in Bali the last day of your retreat is March 8th.  You should schedule your flight back home on March 8th.  If you wanted to stay an extra night we can arrange an extra night at the resort for $112 which would include your breakfast.  Bear in mind however, Balinese New Year in a three day event and ends on the 10th of March.  The day of the 10th the airport is closed and it is a day of silence in Bali.  People are not allowed to be outside and no cars are allowed on the roads.  So if you choose to stay longer, you will need to leave either not he 9th or on the 11th.  You can stay in Bali on the 10th but you will be extremely limited in what you can do and most likely will only be able to spend the day inside your room.

Q.  I do not practice a lot of yoga, do I need to go to all of the yoga classes?

The yoga classes are a bonus to your stay in Bali.  You may choose to come to all, some, or none of the yoga classes.  This is your vacation and you are free to spend your time as you like while in Bali.

Q.  What airport should I fly into?

You should fly into Denpasar airport (code DPS) in Bali.

Q.  What is the best way to get to Bali?

There are no direct flights to Bali as the distance is too far for a direct flight.  All flights to Bali will have at least one stop.  Some flights to Bali will have more than one stop and will still take the same amount of time as the flights that have one stop.  How you choose to get there will depend on whether you want to have a longer layover or take additional flights.  A way to get a cheaper flight if you have additional time to travel is by taking a flight to Singapore (code SIN) which is currently under $700 if you search on Kayak, etc.  You can then book a flight from Singapore to Bali for less than $100.  Bare in mind, if you book these flights separately in order to get a cheaper price, you must space the flight from Singapore to Bali several hours (I would say at least five) later than your expected arrival in Singapore.  This way if you have any unforeseen flight delays you will not miss your flight.  You must also bear in mind if you do get delayed and miss your flight, you will not be entitled to be rescheduled as you would if you had booked all of the flights together at a higher rate.  This would be completely up to you, and I cannot take any responsibility for how you choose to book your flights.  You can also spend the night in Singapore and take a flight the following day to ensure you do not miss a flight.  

Q.  If I want to stay in a three or two  bedroom villa do I need to have other people book with me?

No, you can choose to be paired in a three bedroom villa.  The villas will be sold on a first come, first served basis so if you'd like the option of a three bedroom villa please reach out to us sooner rather than later.  We also cannot guarantee that we will have three people to match you up with.  As we get additional people we will continue to fill the bedrooms.

Q. Is it ok for me to travel on my own?

Many people come on yoga retreats on their own so do not feel intimidated to book this retreat if you do not have any of your friends to accompany you.  We will mostly be a big group any way so you will have plenty of people that will be around.

Q.  If I choose to do the ten day option how do we get to the Gili Island?

A transport will pick us up at our resort in Pedangbai and we will be transported to the bay where we will take a fast boat to the Gili Island.  

Q.  Do I need to pay extra to get from Bali to Gili?

Your transfer from the hotel to the bay and your ticket on the fast boat to Gili are included in your package.

Q.  Will all of my meals be included?

If you are coming for the first seven nights in Bali all of your meals will be included as well as drinking water.  If you are going on the extension to Gili only your breakfast in Gili will be included in your package.  Lunches and dinners in Gili will be your responsibility.

Q.  Is alcohol included in my package?

No alcoholic beverages are included in your package, but if you choose to drink you can purchase alcohol.

Q.  When Should I put down my deposit?

You should put down a deposit as soon as possible.  Since the Balinese New Year is during our trip, the hotel in Gili is requesting to be paid in advance once we make the reservation.  We will be making our final reservation on December 1st.  If you wait to make a deposit, we will not be able to guarantee availability in Gili.  In the even that something like that happens we will remind you your deposit.

Q.  When is final balance due?

75% of your balance is due 60 days prior to March 1st. Your Balance in full is due 30 days prior to March 1st.